Aditi Budhathoki has something that is making for a primary part of her exercise routine, she’s taken to yoga like a fish to water and she’s totally enjoying it. The Nepalese actress who has been seen in music videos also has maintains her diet.

Speaking about this, Aditi says, “Yoga is the most ancient form of exercise and it has been there for centuries and I find that it is such a great way to work out. It’s changing me inside out and I can see the effect of it every single day. It opens the cells and allows more oxygen in. One’s immunity also gets a major boost because of that. I wait for my yoga sessions every day and this is something that I want to do for a lifetime. I totally swear by it and I also urge everyone to try it. It can only benefit you in the most positive of ways. Let’s keep safe, wear a mask and maintain social distance.”

The actress who is active on social media often takes to Instagram to share her posts – sporting fashion trends as well as pictures with positive messages.

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