Hilaria Baldwin’s past is resurfacing, thanks to her headline-making debacle over whether she’s Spanish or not.

And while her husband, Alec Baldwin, has been quick to defend his wife of nearly a decade to everyone accusing her of faking her heritage, dozens of former classmates, friends, and others who’ve known Baldwin throughout the years are giving their two cents about the mother of five.

In a lengthy post on Reddit, one social media user revealed that Baldwin was a yoga instructor at Yoga to the People over a decade ago, and that she met her when she went by Hillary in 2008.

In the post, the user alleged that Yoga to the People (YTTP) is a cult, and that after Hilaria left Yoga to the People to open her own studio, Yoga Vida, she developed her Spanish persona. In 2011, she met Alec Baldwin at True Food and Wine, and the rest is history.

What is Yoga to the People, and why has it been dubbed a cult?

Read on to find out what to know about Yoga to the People, Hilaria Baldwin’s ties to it, and why it’s been called a cult over the years. 

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In their post, the Reddit user alleged that Yoga to the People is a full-on cult.

The Reddit user said that Baldwin was her yoga instructor in 2008, and after taking classes at Yoga to the People, she decided she wanted to become an instructor at the studio. 

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