HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We are heading into that time of year where everyone is trying to get ready for the holidays. The team at Light On Yoga Fitness and is showing one way that you can slow down and relax.

Hannah Sledd is the owner of Light On Yoga fitness and she says the holidays can be stressful for many.

“It can be stressful and putting our bodies under that constant stress. It weakens our immune system, which with everything going on right now is not ideal. So by slowing down, breathing, practicing yoga, even if it is just breathing for 10 minutes a day, you are going to increase your immune system response.”

With positions like downward dog, cobra, headstands and backbends, yoga can seem a little intimidating if you have never given it a try. The Founder of Light on Yoga fitness, Cathy Lighton says it isn’t just about the poses.

“It brings awareness to our body is the main thing I think that yoga does. It tunes you into your body and I think mainly it does that through breath. Because if you can slow down and start to take those deep breaths and start to feel things in the body that you are ignoring because you are living in a fight or flight state.”

And it may help you find your grounding.

“So if you can slow down and kind of tune in and notice where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are you can start to work on those weaknesses. If you don’t slow down, if you are just in this hyperdrive all of the time, you create so much sickness within your body and it starts to break down. That is one of our biggest problems in society. So it is not going to cure everything but it will make you more aware of how you can go about fixing them, it is truly a medicine,” says Lighton.

The hope is that you take the positivity gained on the mat and place it into your heart.

Light On Yoga fitness offers a range of classes to help you unwind from yoga to aerial fitness to rebound fitness on trampolines. They even offer live streams for those who are not comfortable attending in person. They truly have something for everyone.

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