Yardley has released a new TVC putting spotlight on the beauty of doing something new, fresh and dynamic and inspiring the world to do the same. It talks about beauty not just in the light of appearances, but on the constant look out for something more, something new. It’s a seamless weave between their ‘Step up with Yardley’ proposition and a fresh take on beauty.

The commercial, conceptualised by Contract Advertising, a part of the Wunderman Thompson Group and member of the WPP network, focuses on the direct benefits of the talc which are beauty, freshness, and glow. It also integrates all the attributes of the quintessentially modern woman who is unafraid to show the world what she’s made of and to reach further and inspire it as well.

Also read: World Sleep Day advertising is a wake-up call The film shows a woman in her mid-twenties performing some graceful classical move on a rather modern beat, giving it her own, fresh spin. But she doesn’t stop at that, when asked to perform by her instructor, she chooses to share it with the whole world by going live and getting an overwhelming response.

Manish Vyas, business head, Yardley India, said, “Our latest talc proposition attempts to bring the brand further closer to consumers by making it more relevant to their needs. This film shows how Yardley Talc, made from the finest floral ingredients, helps bring out the best version of yourself. It not only provides superior freshness, but also enhances your looks, giving you the confidence to step up in life.”

Ayan Chakraborty, executive vice president and general manager, Contract Mumbai, said, “The new normal is also about showcasing yourself and your talent beyond the confines of your home and physical locations. The last one year has accelerated this behaviour even more. This is the backdrop for this narrative. A talc which gives you the freshness and confidence to naturally step up and go beyond.”

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