While working from home is an increasing trend these days, what many might not realize is the positive impact it has had for those in the cabinetry industry, including Crown Point Cabinetry in Claremont.

“We are seeing more and more of this,” said Owner Brian Stowell. “With telecommuting becoming more of an option for employees everywhere, people want a comfortable, functioning office space. We expect to see more and more people working from home as technology allows.”

While they are seeing people who want the traditional home office, Stowell cited other trends, too, including clients who want “office space” for their children.

“It is only considered office space due to the seating and computer requirements, but it is ‘at home work space for different members of the family,” he explained.

For those interested in “a full blown home office,” there can be some logistical challenges in its design.

“You need room for files, electronics and storage,” he said. “Furthermore, it is also very common for the home office user to have open shelves for books or manuals as well as space to decorate like they would if they were in an out-of-home workplace.”

Recalling memorable projects, Stowell said they had one client with twin girls who needed their own “office space” next to their mom’s.

“It was a large room that accommodated everyone,” he said. “The girls had desks set up for homework and iPad use as well as an area for them to craft. It allowed the girls to be near their mother without being in her way.”

According to Stowell, the best home offices are the ones that are well-planned.

“Putting a desk in a room is what used to define a home office — and people can still do this,” he said.

More and more, however, Stowell said individuals that work at home want their home office to be “the nicest office they have ever had.”

“Special features can include built-in refrigerator drawers and even small bathrooms,” he said. “If you are going to be in a home office 8 to 10 hours a day, you want to make sure it is comfortable, functional and beautiful.”

For those interested in purchasing cabinets, Stowell said Crown Point Cabinetry makes it simple.

“We only sell direct, which is not normally how cabinetry is sold,” he said. “It does not matter if the job is in San Francisco, Calif., or Bedford, N.H., because we have a program that allows us to work effectively with anyone anywhere.”

At Crown Point Cabinetry, they have two different lines of cabinetry. Crown Point is their full custom line that allows the consumer “to have just about anything they want.” Crown Select is their limited custom line.

“It provides the same quality, fit and finish as Crown Point, but the customization options and offerings are more limited,” said Stowell. “This allows the clients to get the quality of Crown Point but be able to save 25 percent.”

To learn more about cabinetry or Crown Point Cabinetry, visit crown-point.com.

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