A: Laura McDougall, director of the Four Corners Health Department, asked her staff to look up the following information regarding testing here.

The numbers regarding PRC tests are “for viral RNA which is consider the ‘standard.’” McDougall explained.

Then there are antigen tests, “which were not required of LTCF until only recently,” McDougall said. “The antigen tests have become more available recently and are mostly being used by long-term care facilities to screen staff and sometimes residents. We also have a few clinics in our district that run antigen tests under certain circumstances.”

The figures she provided, she explained, were current as of about 1:30 p.m., last Monday.

• March: PCR, 65; antigen, 0; both, 65

• April: PCR, 473; antigen, 0; both, 473

• May: PCR, 1,481; antigen, 0; both, 1,481

• June: PCR, 1,513; antigen, 0; both, 1,513

• July: PCR, 2,399; antigen, 0; both, 2,399

• August: PCR, 1,868; antigen, 11; both, 1,879

• September: PCR, 2,332; antigen, 1,805; both, 4,137

• October: PCR, 3,555; antigen, 3,748; both, 7,303

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