One of the hottest upcoming releases is Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of Chicago 7. This Netflix film is Sorkin’s second directorial after 2017’s Molly’s Game and is about the titular Chicago Seven, a group of men who protested against the US involvement in the Vietnam War. The film is courtroom drama and follows their trial after they were charged with inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. The movie stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jeremy Strong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alex Sharp, Thomas Middleditch, Frank Langella, William Hurt, Michael Keaton, and Mark Rylance.

The Trial of Chicago 7 has also garnered positive reviews. The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave it 4 stars. She wrote, “The joy of watching a film that is written so beautifully is all down to Sorkin. Everything feels of the time. The lines are laced with acerbity, humour and, in the right places, pathos. And the ensemble cast is perfect, not putting a single foot wrong in the recreation of that historical event, in which the concerted attempts by the state to quash counter-culture pushback was met with failure. The performances are all very good, especially Rylance as the lawyer who knows just which buttons to push, Cohen as the guy who keeps pushing them, and Langella, as the old-style legislator who rules his courtroom with a lethal mix of disdain and dislike, handing out contempt charges like they were confetti.”

She added, “And Keaton, who is on for just a few minutes, makes his presence felt. A film with mostly men talking (it would comprehensively fail the Bechdel test; there are only two women in it, and they are completely dispensable) to each other, is spectacular nevertheless, because this is a true story of those seven men, that long-drawn trial, and what the impact of the trial meant.”

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