There’s always so much spoken about how exercising can help your body stay healthy. But have you read enough about face yoga exercises and how it benefits your face? Your face should be as important as any of the other body parts that you’d want to work on. So here we are listing a few face yoga exercises that will help you build structured features.

– The eyebrow lifter: Press three fingertips under each of your eyebrows and forcibly open your eyes. Smile while you lower your eyebrows against the fingers. Hold for a few seconds. Close your eyes and roll your eyeballs toward the top of your head. Hold for 20 seconds and keep smiling while you’re at it. Release and repeat the whole process three more times.

– The cheek lifter: Open your mouth in a way where it forms an “O” shape. Now, position your upper lip over your teeth and smile to lift your cheek muscles up. Place your index fingers on top of your cheek muscles. Release check muscles to lower them. Smile again, push the muscles up towards the eyes and repeat by lowering them. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

– Happy cheeks sculpting: Smile without your cheeks showing and roll your lips out as though you’re trying to show as much lip as possible. Try to smile emphasizing on the corner of the mouth so you feel a little burn in the corners. Now, press your index finger on both corners of your mouth and slide the fingers up to your cheekbones as you press into the muscles. Lip the muscles up to the cheekbones. When you get to the top of your cheekbones, hold it still for 20 seconds and feel the muscles tightening in your cheeks. Repeat this three times.

– Jaw and neck firmer: Open your mouth and make an “aah” sound. Fold your lower lip and the corner of your lips into your mouth and tightly hold it as you extend your lower jaw forward. Use your lower jaw and scoop up slowly as you close your mouth. Pull your chin up about one inch every time you scoop and tilt your head backward. Open and close your lower jaw 10 times. On the 10’th time, your chin should be pointing to the ceiling. Hold it for 20 seconds and think about the sides of your face lifting. Repeat this exercise three times.

– Temple developer: Press your fingertips into your temples region as you close your jaw. Clench your teeth together and tilt your chin up. Concentrate on the temple region while you clench your teeth and try to move your ears backward. Hold it still for 10 seconds and then clench back your teeth down and take a break for another 10 seconds. Your temple muscles will flex each time you clench your teeth. Repeat this there times.

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