In the ever-present age of social media, new fashion trends are as popular as ever. It’s easy to find something to suit everyone’s personal style with the increasing popularity of accessories and layering.

In recent years, trends have been easier than ever to follow because of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which allow users to showcase their unique style and watch other’s styles evolve. Here are some of the most anticipated fashion trends to be on the lookout for this year. 

Why it’s trending

Jackets and outerwear have seen an increasing amount of time in the spotlight in the last several years because of their versatility and ability to accessorize. This year, puffer jackets in particular have been worn by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Between plenty of color and style options, and the function and warmth, puffer jackets are likely to be seen this season on and around campus, considering their level of comfort that appeals to young adults. 

Where to buy

  • Urban Outfitters: Offers many different colors and textures

  • Zara: Offers longer, more chic jackets

  • ASOS: Offers puffier jackets in neutral colors

  • Free People: Offers higher quality, more expensive jackets

  • The North Face: Offers jackets for outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking

  • Target: Offers affordable, colorful jackets (plus matching ones for dogs!)

How to wear

Puffer jackets are popular because of their ability to be dressed up or down. They can easily be worn on a night out with friends but can also be worn to class or while running errands. 

For a more formal look, pair a neutral jacket with a chic turtleneck or simple top and long pants. From there, have fun with accessories like sunglasses, chunky jewelry and heeled boots.

For a casual, everyday look, simply throw on a puffer jacket over jeans or leggings with sneakers. 

Why it’s trending

Although the vintage style has been around for a while, this look became a trend on social media this year, particularly on TikTok, where users began to wear crewneck sweatshirts over white collared shirts. From there, fashion influencers like Emma Chamberlain have adopted the look and popularized it.

Where to buy

  • Pacsun: Offers both solid-colored crewnecks and some with branded logos

  • Urban Outfitters: Offers branded crewnecks with a vintage look

  • Offers secondhand vintage sweatshirts

  • Offers a large inventory of high quality vintage sweatshirts

  • Goodwill: Offers a diverse selection of affordable, thrifted crewnecks

How to wear

These sweaters can be worn in the comfort of one’s own home when it’s cold outside, but social media has proved that they are much more adaptable. There’s the collared shirt route, which is another easily accessible item, but crewnecks can also be worn over turtlenecks for a similar look. For a cute but casual look, pair it with straight-leg jeans or high-waisted pants and sneakers of one’s choice. 

Why it’s trending

Although this trend has been around for a couple of years now, it seems like it won’t be leaving any time soon. With the wide variety of patterns, colors and cuts of pants, they can easily be worn by anyone for nearly any occasion. The trend likely started with plaid pants then spread to include virtually any pattern one can think of. A pop of fun in an outfit can boost one’s mood and tie the entire look together with a funky pattern as a focal point. 

Where to buy

  • Princess Polly: Offers mostly plaid pants in different colors and cuts

  • Topman: Offers patterned dress pants, cargo pants and joggers for men

  • Nasty Gal: Offers pants in a variety of patterns, materials and fits

  • Reformation: Offers patterned dress pants

  • Old Navy: Offers plaid pants at an affordable price point

How to Wear

Because of their intense colors and designs, most patterned pants look best with plain tops to make the pants a statement and reduce clashing. However, if one has a good eye for pattern mixing, then the right combination can definitely work together. 

Why it’s trending

With the reemergence of Doc Marten boots as popular footwear this past fall, chelsea boots have also seen a spike in popularity. Their versatility has proved that they’re easy to wear with many styles of outfits, which is an important factor in their appeal. A neutral-colored chelsea boot is a staple, considering the simplicity of the shoe itself and the ability to easily dress up an otherwise casual outfit. The sleek design mixed with varying heel sizes allow these boots to perfectly walk the line between casual and formal. 

Where to buy

  • Dr. Martens: Offers more casual boots with lower heels and platform soles

  • Madewell: Offers high quality, neutral colored boots in both formal and casual styles

  • Kenneth Cole: Offers dressier boots for men

  • Designer Shoe Warehouse: Offers designer brand shoes at discounted prices with various styles and colors of boots

How to Wear

As with many other pieces on this list, these boots can be worn with many types of looks. They can be paired with a classic sweater and skinny jeans combo for an everyday outfit, or with a skirt for a holiday dinner. Because of the covered foot, they’re sure to keep one warm, and could even be worn in the snow with their leather material. 

Why it’s trending

Gaining popularity through influencers like Emma Chamberlain, these pants attract their wearers with their unique color options, comfortable pattern and soft-to-the-touch feel. Neutral and bold colors have been introduced, both of which are an excellent statement in an outfit. As it gets colder outside, a texture like corduroy is sure to keep one warm. 

Where to buy

  • Free People: Offers colorful, wide-leg corduroy pants 

  • Urban Outfitters: Offers unisex corduroy pants and colorful mom jeans

  • Pacsun: Offers corduroy mom jeans in neutral tones

  • Modcloth: Offers wide-leg corduroy pants in plus sizes

How to wear

Since the color and texture classifies these pants as a statement, neutral and basic tops work best in order to avoid clashing. However, the pants are versatile enough that they can definitely be paired with other layers and accessories to make the look pop as much as one’s heart desires. 

With versatile trends like these constantly making their mark on social media, there’s something for everyone to feel confident and comfortable in as the weather starts to get colder. 

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