Most of us jumped on the self-care trend this year and had more time at home to focus on our beauty routines. As a result, beauty topics, including skin care and haircare, top both Google’s annual Year in Search 2020 and the YouTube Trends report.

Reports say we all searched excessively for “how-to” answers to our most pressing beauty questions — and several beauty tutorials were especially popular on YouTube. 

Most Viewed Tutorials on YouTube

Beauty fans searched for answers — and found them — on Google and YouTube. And it’s no surprise that the pandemic inspired a new type of YouTube beauty tutorial, “Video Call Beauty Tips.”

In the U.S., “HotandFlashy’s” video (screenshot above) is among the most viewed beauty tutorials uploaded this year. Take a look at it below. 

Views of haircutting tutorials on YouTube peaked for the year in April. This make sense since most of us were all trying to figure out how to cut and color our hair when salons were closed.

The YouTube Culture & Trends report states, “…people turned to YouTube in droves to learn how to cut hair” — globally. Brad Mondo’s haircutting tutorial (screenshot above) has been viewed over 1.5 million times in the U.S.

Google’s Top Skin Care Searches & Top Trending Videos 

A look at the top Google skin-care-related searches in the U.S. show that searches for Hyram’s YouTube channel is rising by 3,150% this year. 

Overall, two popular beauty vloggers made YouTube’s list of Top Trending Videos for the year, globally. JeffreeStar’s “We Broke Up” ranks at number four, and NikkieTutorials’ “I’m Coming Out” is at number six. 

Take a look at the following top lists, which include more beauty highlights from Google’s 2020 trends. 

Top Beauty How-To’s

The 2020 top trending beauty “how to’s…” on Google Search, globally, are:

  1. How to cut men’s hair at home
  2. How to plop hair
  3. How to color your hair at home
  4. How to wash your hands
  5. How to style curtain bangs
  6. How to cut women’s hair
  7. How to do knotless braids
  8. How to fade hair
  9. How to trim your own hair
  10. How to dermaplane

Top Style How-To’s

As for Style searches on Google, which include fashion and beauty topics, the top trending Style “how to’s…” in the U.S. are:

  1. How to style curtain bangs
  2. How to style curly hair
  3. How to style biker shorts
  4. How to style box braids
  5. How to style long hair men
  6. How to style Doc Martens
  7. how to style mom jeans
  8. how to style long hair
  9. how to style sweatpants
  10. how to style curly hair men

As beauty fans asked “how,” most of the world asked “why,” according to Google’s recap of the top trending searches, overall. 

Take a look at HotandFlashy’s video below, which is among the most viewed beauty tutorials uploaded this year.  

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