A Japanese clothing brand has come up with an entire collection of clothes for its shorter customers, who until now have often found themselves having to run to the tailor to alter the clothes in their wardrobe.

Each of the many pieces in the new inclusive line from Heather is completely designed to suit someone whose height is less than 1.5m (4 feet and 11 inches).

The average height of women in Japan is about 1.58m (5 feet 2 inches), compared with 1.63m (5 feet 4 inches) in the US. The so-called “standard” sizes are not suitable for most people in the land of the rising sun.

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A problem that the fashion brand Heather has decided to address. After surveying its customers on Clubhouse and Instagram, the Japanese fashion brand decided to remove one of the issues many petite women face when shopping by offering a collection perfectly suited to their size.

Called Heather Mini, it is composed entirely of clothes for women with a height of 5 feet and under, thus allowing them to avoid having to hem each new pair of pants or finding themselves wearing clothes that are way too loose for their morphology.

For the moment, the collection only features eight pieces, available in several sizes and colours, including overalls, loose fitting pants, flared jeans, dresses and long skirts, shirts, T-shirts, and tank tops.

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Each piece has been carefully designed to fit perfectly around the waist, chest or hips, without being too long or baggy and of course without sacrificing style.

Already available for pre-order on the Heather e-shop, the pieces of this Mini collection will officially go on sale on June 23. As for the price, count on spending 2,750 yen (RM104) for a tank top and 7,150 yen (RM270) for overalls or a dress. – AFP Relaxnews

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