Come winter and our hands instantly start flaking off, more so now due to constant washing of the hands during the pandemic. While it is always easier to purchase hand creams online, why not use some of that extra time to whip up your own, healthier version at home?

This non greasy 3 Ingredient DIY hand cream is PERFECT to get rid of dry skin this winter 

Hand cream is something we all fall back on to give our hands some deep relief during the cold and frosty winter months. Hand creams not only do the trick but also smell wonderful and bring about a sense of freshness with them. Many times though, these creams are too greasy or even too expensive. The best and easiest solution to this, is whipping up your own. This three-ingredient hand cream is just perfect for all your dry skin woes!

– Almond oil (4 spoons)
– Candelilla or sunflower wax (2 spoons)
– Shea butter (1/2 cup)
– Your favourite essential oil (20 drops) – optional 

In a double boiler melt the wax of your choice. 
Add to this the shea butter and almond oil and mix it well till all the liquids have melted and combined. 
Allow this to cool for a minute before adding your choice of essential oil for an added fragrance. (This is optional as the almond oil already adds a slightly sweet smell to it)
Then pour this liquid into jars. It takes only a few minutes to become solid. 
Apply religiously on your hands and say goodbye to dry skin! 

Once you have made this hand cream, ensure it is used up within a month since it has no added preservatives. If it starts to smell weird before a month, it is best discarded even before. 

This cream can be stored in the refrigerator for a slightly longer duration. 

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