Carrie Hoffman gets ready for a livestreamed yoga class at The Yoga Experience this past spring. Hoffman was alone with her laptop propped on a chair in a room that can normally accommodate up to 30 people practicing yoga together.

Since 1997, The Yoga Experience has provided students a place to develop their yoga practice. And, for the past 11 years—as long as the yoga studio category has been included in Best of Flagstaff voting—TYE has come away with the top spot.

Erin Widman, who began teaching at the studio in 2000 and then took over ownership in 2008, said it feels good to have that continued recognition.

“I do feel like what even puts us in the running for that is just our amazing students and the people who turn to us for support,” she said. “They really encourage us to be the best.”

As the city has grown, so has people’s interest in yoga with more studios opening to accommodate the variety of goals and skill levels presented in the community. Yoga classes are also offered at local fitness gyms as well as Northern Arizona University.

“There’s a lot more options,” Widman said. “There’s more accessibility and visibility so more people become aware of it and kind of shop around to see where they fit. We provide a broad range of class styles and types for many different needs, so we are able to grow our population.”

And many people settle in once they find the studio that works best for them. Widman said she can recall a handful of students who began taking classes with her 15 to 20 years ago and still show up ready to further their practice, albeit more so in the virtual realm these days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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