I have terrible posture, and at 36 years old working a job where I’m at a desk, it’s starting to weigh on me.

This is where something like the Chirp Wheel+, a yoga wheel aimed at helping people with back pain, could possibly be a big help.

Featured on the ABC show “Shark Tank” in October, Chirp has seen a rise in popularity during the pandemic, where people are looking for easy ways to exercise, stretch and meditate without leaving their home. And this will certainly stretch you.

Taking its cues from the traditional yoga wheel, The Chirp Wheel+ is a roller meant to massage your back, neck and hips in a way similar to a muscle roller, but it’s a more functional and precise. There are three different versions of the Chirp roller, a “gentle” 12-inch model, “medium” 10-inch version and a “deep” 6-inch roller. They can be bought separately or at discounted bundle rate at gochirp.com.

For this review, I will be focusing on the 12-inch model, which feels like a perfect starter wheel. While I have a foam muscle roller at home, it’s never done enough for me when I’ve used it. I’ve always felt it was a bit too slippery. For the most part, the Chirp Wheel+ is the the opposite. Its combination of ABS plastic wrapped in EVA foam holds my back in place as I use it and puts a generous amount of pressure on the places that need it most.

Despite being a simple wheel coated in foam, there is a learning curve to this. First off, if you’re a bigger guy like me, using it for the first week or so will likely result in a lot of the wheel wobbling (To note: It can hold up to 500 pounds). This isn’t to fault Chirp, because I’m not the most stable of people when it comes to muscle rolling. But it’s worth noting.

Second, you have to ease yourself into the wheel. I immediately tried to roll back and forth with no hands. It made things unstable and painful. Using your hands and working the wheel up and down while you’re sitting on the ground, you still get the pops in your back, the knots massaged and the back straightening that you’re looking to get. It will be slightly painful at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Using the wheel for a week and a half, I settled into a nice groove. I get some great, satisfying pops in my back and felt better after a long day at the office. It’s satisfactory enough that I’m looking into the other two wheels to purchase. For those interested, there’s a money-back guarantee. I say go for it if you’re looking for some back relief.

A final note: Those with severe back pain or pain resulting from a serious injury should consult with their doctor before using the Chirp Wheel+ or any type of yoga wheel.

The Chirp Wheel+ is available at gochirp.com for a $99 special 3-pack combo.

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