Ava Kelly is a 14 year old from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who enjoys playing the violin and doing yoga.

She enjoys yoga so much that she became the youngest certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance and now uses it to help others through her nonprofit.

“Well just like the main plot is to help people, like that’s the thing that’s most important to me.”

Her nonprofit is Ava Marie Yogi in which she looks to help teens face mental health issues in the Jackson Hole community through yoga and fundraisers.

And one fundraiser that Ava is working on right now is to get her friend Andrea a guide dog for Christmas.

Ava tells us, “She’s never had one growing up, which has been kind of difficult for her.”

The fundraising and the work Ava is doing has garnered attention from many known stars.

From stars like actress Rumor Willis to Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and one star that helped revolutionize the world of technology.

Steve Wozniak joined the interview and had nothing but praise for Ava.

“Ava’s done things also offering yoga lessons for people who are victims who are, you know to help benefit to some victims of a car crash. So, I mean those sort of things to do it at her age is incredible, just I am so impressed young people can be that good.”

Ava has begun to realize that her work in the Jackson Hole community is bringing up lots of attention for her nonprofit and she credits her mother for the help.

“Again my mom’s a Caryn (Karen), she doesn’t take no for an answer. But besides that it was just reaching out and letting people know what I’m working towards.”

Ava and her mother are hoping to gift the guide dog to Andrea for Christmas, also stating that they would also accept an already trained guide dog for Andrea.

To visit Ava Marie Yogi nonprofit, click here.

To visit Ava’s Gofundme page, click here.

To donate to the “Christmas Challenge” for Andrea’s guide dog, click here.

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