One of my favorite tips can be yours too before the Halloween gear is gone: Decorative artificial pumpkins (sans Jack-o-Lantern markings) and ears of calico corn are great for decorating both for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

The same seasonal aisles that previously held costumes and candy will soon carry Thanksgiving turkey and harvest-themed décor, as well as tableware and other items related to Thanksgiving entertaining.

Unless you need these items for this year’s feast, again wait until the holiday has passed for your best Thanksgiving deals, then stock up for next year.

Christmastime brings additional stock-up items that I look for each year too. In addition to decorations, tableware, ornaments, lights, and holiday-themed foods, I also enjoy stocking up on gift wrap and gift bags post-holiday.

It’s the perfect time to look for gift-wrapping supplies that aren’t specifically themed to Christmas or Hanukkah, too. I look for rolls of wrapping paper in solid colors, like red, green, blue, gold or silver, and simple patterns such as stripes, plaids, or the like.

Once post-Christmas items drop into the 75% off range or better, I’ll scoop them up and keep them on hand to wrap birthday, housewarming, and other such gifts throughout the year.

Christmastime also brings post-holiday deals on other items that are nice to have on hand all year too. Look for clearance deals on candles, candleholders, and storage baskets.

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