There are all kinds of great yoga classes out there. Ones that challenge you and make you sweat, others that are relaxing; some that require just a yoga mat and some that require special equipment and advanced skills. Sometimes they’re even outdoors in the sunshine with other people, wearing masks. But if you’re a beginner, or maybe you don’t feel like turning on your webcam because you’re self-conscious about your downward dog, Makka Yoga is another option. It eases you into things for one hour, every week – depending on the demand. The woman behind Makka is Maggie McClure, a certified yoga instructor who teaches an intimate class of eight people weekly. She promises an all-levels session of a Hatha yoga via Gchat video. Bonus: You don’t have to turn on your webcam if you don’t want to. The classes are free and rarely require specialized equipment, except things you already have in your house: an optional throw pillow or two, sometimes a blanket. Class sizes are limited and schedules are regularly posted on Send her a direct message via Instagram for a link.

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