The Stay At Home choir will have the chance to collaborate with John Rutter and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra after they partnered with a free app to deliver their virtual Christmas celebration.

The Stay At Home Choir, which is made up of more than 16,500 music lovers and artists have partnered with Koor, that helps choral singers learn, improve and enjoy singing.

This will enable the group of singers to work with renowned composer John  Rutter and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on the run up to a virtual performance of classic Hymns and Christmas carols.

Simon Capet pictured above ceo of Koor has teamed up with the Stay at Home Choir to deliver a virtual show alongside John Rutter (C) Image Supplied

Participants of the festive edition of the Stay at Home Choir will be able to learn about the music of Rutter, rehearse with world-class singers and workshop leaders, while building their technique and confidence.

Simon Capet, founder and CEO of Koor siad: “We’re so proud to be supporting the formation of virtual choirs across the world to enable musicians to come together to celebrate, discover and sing short pieces of music while physical rehearsals are not possible. 

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without John Rutter and, now singers across the nation can work with him directly through this exciting collaboration with the Stay at Home Choir.”

Registration costs £15.99 per member and includes access to all events, resources (including rehearsal tracks and scores. Subscription to Koor is free of charge.

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