Snow and ice have exacerbated the queues seen throughout this year

Queues of cars trying to get up the Titterstone Clee Hill have been spotted in recent days, and one resident said the traffic has been the worst she has ever known.

The woman, who has lived in the area all her life and wanted to remain anonymous, said that cars have been flocking to the narrow roads heading up the hill ever since the first coronavirus lockdown began in March, but that for whatever reason the issue has been worse than ever since this week’s snowfall.

At least one car has had to be rescued by residents

She said that some drivers simply park on the side of the narrow road, blocking the passing places that help traffic get up and down the hill.

At least one car has left the road and required rescuing by one of the residents using a tractor.

The woman said that some drivers have even been abusive when challenged about their parking, lashing out verbally at residents.

Cars have been queueing to get up the hill

“It’s been a nightmare the last few days. I live in the row of houses as you climb to the summit.

“It’s frustrating because it blocks access to a lot of the houses around here. Some people are quite nice about it and they don’t realise it’s a problem – I’ve had quite a hostile response too.

“People are just trying to go up there even though it’s icy. I suppose people want to go out and enjoy the snow, but half the county has it now.

Even fog did not deter the drivers

“What was happening over the last two days was people were just ditching their cars wherever [on the side of the road].

“You will have queues of cars going up but then they will all have to reverse back down which is quite dangerous.

Drivers have been queueing to drive to the summit

“When we had the first lockdown it almost became a hotspot, it got really really busy and we had issues with parking there.

“But it’s just been mental the last few days. I’ve never noticed it his bad and I’ve lived here all my life.”

Drivers have been warned about keeping safe and warm on the roads generally after temperatures plummeted and snow settled across the region this week.

The final day of 2020 brought cold wintry showers and yellow weather warnings for place across Shropshire including Oswestry and Wem.

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