After coming up with an idea to do her part to help frontline workers on Saturday, Adrianne Vangool made an announcement Sunday morning, and within a few hours she already had more than 100 people messaging her.

Her idea was to offer free online yoga classes to frontline healthcare workers through her Vimeo page. 

She said she came up with the idea after seeing stress building in people around her, specifically those in the medical field.

“This has been a long eight or nine months especially for those on the front line,” Vangool told CTV Saskatoon.

“I thought ‘how do we keep them going? We need them more than ever’ so this is just a way I can help.” 

For frontline healthcare workers interested in accessing Vangool’s page, they can email and a link will be provided.

Vangool said that people can pick the kind of yoga session they want from its library of videos. From chair yoga to restorative mediation yoga, there are options depending what type of session. 

There are 21 videos on the site now, but Vangool said she has plans to make more, and might even make specific videos if people send requests. 

Vangool said the transition from in-person to online videos came suddenly as the pandemic began making its way to the province.

Now that she has had months to practice her new digital work, she said that she see’s the potential to continue with the videos even past COVID-19, reaching people further away and those with mobility issues.

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