A year spent indoors during a pandemic has meant more time in front of screens of all kinds. Global Wireless Solutions used its opt-in OneMeasure Consumer Panel to evaluate mobile app usage. The results indicate that Gen Z may be dominating many online spaces.

So what kind of content was everyone engaging with the most? According to GWS, it was mainly finance-related, owing to the category’s 63% increase in total volume hours. Considering the financial state of the world, it should come as no surprise that the Cash app, Robinhood, and FreshEBT led with 186%, 183%, and 152% increases in total usage, respectively. But Gen Z, with a 102% increase in usage data, led the charge.

Social media also saw a 25% increase in hours, which translated to an average of 62 minutes a day. Much of that increase is again owed to Gen Z, which went up by 71% in usage hours within this category. Augmenting those numbers, TikTok saw a huge 380% increase in volume hours and 39% increase in daily average minutes.

Global Wireless Solutions also found a 19% increase in volume hours for the lifestyle category, which includes food delivery services. And Gen Z used these services 50% more, which helped lead to a 166% increase in DoorDash usage and 121% in Uber Eats usage. Same-day pickup and grocery options also helped Walmart and Target see an increase in usage over Amazon.

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We all averaged 42 minutes of video content per day, but Gen Z that increased its usage by 44% over the prior year. Twitch, YouTube, and free streaming services Tubi and Pluto TV all saw increased usage. Disney+ and HBO Max also had huge years. And in terms of gaming, Among Us saw an astronomical rise of 15,471% in usage, while Roblox increased by 101% for the year—and those two games are popular with Gen Z.

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