Rihanna showcased her line of lingerie, interlacing singing and dancing performances with intricate sets and messages of body positivity in Volume 2 of her Savage x Fenty show.


Although the cinematography was impressive, what stood out to fans was the inclusivity of the show.


Rihanna had many famous guests in her show such as Travis Scott, Rosaliá, Roddy Rich and Ella Mai. 


She included stars of all backgrounds, who throughout the show, spoke about themselves, confidence and the importance of body positivity.


Messages about body inclusivity shone through, with models of different body types represented. 


This challenged the idea pervading the fashion industry that only a certain body type can be beautiful.


The soundtrack and visuals were immersive, with huge sets and extensive choreography. 


Many of the numbers performed in the show were well known songs, and really aided the visual aspects. 


The pairings of clothes to singers and dancers showed movement, which made everything intense and vivid. 


A majority of the show was dancing, and although it strayed far from the traditional walk down the runway, it helped highlight the parts of Rihanna’s line she wanted to put emphasis on.  


The show was crosscut with clips of Rihanna herself speaking on things like inspiration, community, mood and sexuality. 


The people who worked with her to create the line also spoke on how she works and the process behind each piece. 


A large portion of the show was also giving viewers an insight into the designing of the pieces and the individuality that Rihanna gives each piece. 


Overall, the show was a huge success, and helped boost her message of body positivity and diversity; the pieces showcased were very diverse, ranging in material and size. 


This kind of inclusivity is a wonderful example of the change Rihanna hopes to inspire.

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