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Telford & Wrekin Council has been working alongside local organisations, groups and residents to draft a management plan that will protect and enhance Horsehay Pool.

In 2019, the council designated Horsehay Pool, off Bridge Road, Horsehay, as one of 200 Green Guarantee sites in the borough that must be protected.

It is located within the Horsehay Conservation Area, a historical site of around 8.5 acres in the village of Horsehay.

The village grew around the ironworks, which were constructed by Abraham Darby II between 1754 and 1757.

The pool was created to power the steam engines for the works.

Today, Horsehay Pool is public open space, owned and managed by the council in partnership with the Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environs, and used mainly for recreation, dog walking and angling.

The draft management plan sets out the vision for protecting and improving the area.

Local organisations and residents have been involved in the report, which sets out the history of the site, current usage and aspirations.

They are now keen to share this vision and hear what people think about the options for the future.

People have until January 14 to offer feedback.

Meanwhile, the Friends of Horsehay Pool and Environs will be holding their Annual General Meeting on January 5, 2021. The meeting will take place remotely.

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