Especially when it comes to pathani suits and kurtas – these are clothing items that suit everyone, says our expert

By Rahul Khanna

PUBLISHED ON APR 18, 2021 07:18 AM IST

Kurtas suit everyone!

I’m a short guy (5 feet 2). Can I ever wear pathani suits and kurtas? How?

—Ajinkya T, Via email

You absolutely can! What’s height got to do with it?

As for “how”…

Hold open the pants and step into them, one leg at a time.

Pull them up and fasten them at your waist.

If there is a zipper, be careful not to snag the family jewels.

Next, pull the kurta over your head and insert one arm into each sleeve.

Do up any buttons and smooth out any wrinkles.

… Ta-dah!

Rahul Khanna is a “boutique actor”, whose sartorial statements and good looks often send hearts aflutter. He goes by @mrkhanna on Instagram

From HT Brunch, April 18, 2021

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