2020 might have given you less reasons to dress up and look like a debonair while heading for a party. It’s time to shake things up and ring in the New Year with all the razzle-dazzle by dressing up right, looking all spiffy and well-groomed for 2021. We have complied some pre-party preparations for every man, who believes in looking nothing but the best.

1.Don’t forget your pre-party workout

So, before you get all dressed in your party outfit, do a 10-minute-long workout for that muscle pump so that your clothes look more flattering. “The pre-party workout at home can include pushups, pressups and bicep isolation,” suggests fitness coach Bhavaya Chawla. Then you can head to the shower. You will end up looking more refreshed and their will be a natural glow on your face.

2.Skin care

Exfoliate your skin with a scrub before you get ready. If your skin always looks dull, you can brighten it up by applying a vitamin C serum. It will make you look all refreshed and their will be a glow on the face. For those of you who have beard, make sure they are well-defined and shouldn’t look fuzzy because that makes you look unkempt no matter how well you dress up for the party.

3.Guy beauty

A bit of makeup on your face can do wonders. Start with a foundation matching your complexion, gently rub it on your forehead and around your cheek and gradually cover the face.

4.Go retro

Everything from the 70s, 80s and 90s era is making a comeback in fashion. “Make sure you look all retro this party season with elongated collars, bell-bottoms and shackets to make you stand out. You can also play with prints and impress the onlookers,” suggests menswear designer Karrtik Dhingra.

5. Pick the right fragrance

And lastly don’t forget to use a breath freshener. Because you wouldn’t want the person twirling around you to lose interest in you because of this. Also wear a long-lasting perfume or cologne which are best suited for parties. You can either pick something warm and woody or some more fresh depending on what you like and you are all set to ring in the new year with a refreshing fragrance that lingers.

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