Over the past year, we have all spent more time than we would like isolated and in front of screens. The warming weather is a welcome invitation to get outside and get moving (in spite of the pollen). If your school-aged children or toddlers are feeling especially antsy after too much indoor time, consider reading interactive books to incorporate more activity in your day.

Though it can certainly be calm and relaxing, reading does not have to be a stationary activity – and those who have tried reading with young children know often that it is not.  If your toddler would rather roll, wiggle, or practice acrobatics on your furniture than be read to, try directing their fidgets by encouraging physical activity during reading time. In growing brains, movement helps create neural pathways, so incorporating physical movement into reading can be a great way to engage kids in the story while also improving early literacy skills and contributing to critical brain development. 

Video:Eric Carle StoryTime with David Feinstein

If you are wondering where to begin, there are many engaging books that invite children to mirror the actions of the main characters. Yoga picture books, in particular, offer guided examples of how movement can be woven into storytelling. Recently, publishing trends have followed the growing popularity of yoga practices in classrooms and after-school centers, so there are plenty of quality titles to choose from.

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