I vote an enthusiastic “yes” to this gift idea, with a caveat: Just give your husband one or two prints (unframed) with a warmly written card, and keep the prints modestly sized (that’s the more “tasteful” choice). I’m not saying that you aren’t worthy of a mural-sized wall treatment, but if you and your husband like the prints, you can talk about enlarging and perhaps framing them. I sense that you feel self-conscious that these hot photos might draw attention to the contrast in your sex life between then and now, but they might also inspire a little boudoir revival between you; I certainly hope so.

Dear Amy: Good advice to “Anxious Wife.”

Please remind husbands and partners that the title “Wife” does not equal “Servant.”

Some men seem to think they are entitled to be waited on. They wait for their coffee to be poured, for a meal to be served, for towels to be changed, for trash to be emptied and feel if they have a job, that is enough. Wife may also have a job, but Servant is her lot in life. No way! Pay for a cleaning company and help around the house. Period!

My husband and I have been married for 50 years.

Dear Not: Exactly. Thank you.

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