Chandigarh: The Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) has upheld the decision of Army authorities that obesity caused due to excessive intake of saturated fats and sedentary lifestyle is not attributable to or aggravated by military service.
The division bench, comprising Justice Umesh Chandra Srivastava, judicial member and Vice Admiral Abhay Raghunath Karve, administrative member of AFT’s Lucknow bench, has passed these orders while dismissing the petition by a retired colonel for increased disability pension on the grounds of disabilities “Impaired Glucose Tolerance” and ‟Dyslipidemia”. The officer was commissioned into the Army in December 1982 and superannuated in March 2016 in low medical category P2 (permanent).
In its order the tribunal has held, “We also take note that applicant was obese since March 2003 and the other three disabilities are a result of first disability i.e. ‘obesity’, which has no relation to military service. In medical literature, it is a risk factor for metabolic disorders and leads to serious health hazards for individuals. Obesity is a lifestyle disability and it can be cured by regular exercise and restricting dietary habits. The release medical board (RMB) has opined that IGT, Dyslipidemia and obesity are neither attributable to nor aggravated by military service. We, therefore, go by the RMB and hold that these disabilities have no connection with military service.”
The retired colonel had stated in his plea was that he was commissioned in the Army in medically and physically fit condition. His counsel pleaded that applicant be held entitled to disability element for other disabilities too in terms of para 423 (c) of Pension Regulations for the Army, according to which disability arising during service should either be attributable to or aggravated by military service. It was further contended that since the disabilities in question have arisen during military service, therefore all disabilities should be aggravated by military service as they occurred at the fag-end of applicant’s service.
The military authorities, however, contended that “dyslipidemia” and “impaired glucose tolerance” are metabolic disorders which are caused due to excessive intake of saturated fats and sedentary lifestyle, and have no relation with military service.

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