Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a vaccination rate that would allow Australia to reopen will have to be made specifically for Australia, as he continues to defend his government’s vaccination program during an Adelaide radio blitz.

Speaking on talkback radio station FiveAA, the PM said he refuted the suggestion that 12 million people were in lockdown across the country because the rollout had been too slow.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended the vaccine rollout. Credit:Janie Barrett

Mr Morrison was asked if the UK’s reopening with two-thirds of its population fully vaccinated provided a roadmap for Australia’s path out of continued lockdowns.

“It’s not a one size fits all for the entire world, you’ve got to have plans that are designed for Australia and for very specific parts of Australia,” he responded.

“In some parts of the country you have the capacity to provide health services in a way that is different than others. We have to be very mindful of regional areas of the community, our most vulnerable regions, particularly Indigenous Australians.”


The Prime Minister also defended comments he made earlier in the year, saying that the vaccination rollout was “not a race”.

“When that was said by Professor Murphy and I … we were talking about the regulation of vaccines, that the vaccines had gone through proper approval authorities,” he said.

It came as South Australia recorded one new COVID-19 case taking the state’s current cluster to six. The state entered a seven-day lockdown at 6pm on Tuesday.

He foreshadowed an announcement from the state’s treasurer about disaster payments for those impacted by the lockdown, including in rural areas.

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