NovusMED is TripSpark’s all-encompassing NEMT and health services transportation software ecosystem. Developed for an extensive array of medical transportation services such as non-emergency, brokerage, provider, managed care organizations and community health programs, NovusMED is extremely configurable and can adapt to your operational needs. Whether you are managing a single location or multiple centers, NovusMED is scalable and designed to evolve with your organization.

NovusMED’s Core Components Include:

1. Trip Scheduling

NovusMED is equipped with a robust automated scheduling algorithm that enables you to focus on criteria that are most important for your organization. Whether it is by number of trips per hour or time onboard, you can rank factors in your algorithm so that it populates schedules based on your needs using real-time street data.  It allows for both batch scheduling and individual trip assignments.

2. Trip Billing and Reporting Flexibility

NovusMED allows providers to easily retrieve billing data to effectively manage trip assignments and to submit subsequent trip completion and billing data. The billing platform works seamlessly with your payable software and includes screens for Medicaid eligibility and claims management. Additionally, the software is equipped to automatically submit trip information to your funders, enhancing accuracy and turnaround time for claims.

3. Credential Management for NEMT 

Credentials are crucial and necessary for reimbursements. NovusMED has one of the most powerful credential management system in the industry and provides you with one location for all certification data with your NEMT software.

NovusMED’s certification management platform allows brokers and providers to input and edit credentials from one central application.

By maintaining your vehicles’ and drivers’ certification data, you are ensuring that your company is not performing trips with unqualified vehicles or drivers which would put your payment at risk. Our resident NEMT expert, Kris Lyon, explains the importance of credential management software in our blog post.

Don’t Miss Out on Reimbursements

NovusMED — More Value-add Functionality

1. NEMT Trip Booking and Management

Passenger Portal is an online trip management platform that enables your clients to book, cancel and manage all parts of their previous and upcoming trips. This solution includes a delegate feature, giving family members or caregiver’s permission to represent your clients, and manage numerous clients, all under one single login. Available to your clients 24/7, Passenger Portal reduces inbound call volume while giving them an individualized experience.

2. NEMT Client Reminders and Notifications 

Working alongside Passenger Portal, our automated communications tool, Notifications helps you stay in touch with your clients and ensures providers and drivers are equipped with the same information, which is especially important considering the changing landscape of transportation. They minimize no-shows, missed appointments, driver wait times, provide call center relief, and increase client satisfaction. Implementation is easy and Notifications are simple to configure, have low overhead costs, and they work both ways — inbound and outbound via SMS, email, and phone. To learn even more about what your organization can accomplish with notifications, check out our blog post: How NEMT Notifications Can Improve Health & Safety.

3. NEMT In-vehicle Technology

DriverMate and Provider Mobile

Our in-vehicle technology, DriverMate is an application that keeps drivers abreast of any changes and manifest updates, in real-time. Armed with accurate information, your dispatchers can manage fleets effectively, and resolve unforeseen issues ahead of time, improving client experience.

Stay Informed with DriverMate

Our smartphone app, Provider Mobile connects brokers and providers, and enables real-time information sharing between transportation providers and drivers. Users can monitor things like trip status, vehicle location and more. From trip assignment, trip completion and billing, thereby minimizing calls to your dispatch center.

Stay Connected with Provider Mobile

TripSpark’s Expertise in NEMT and Health Transportation

TripSpark’s technology is also backed by our team — some of whom have extensive experience working in the NEMT trenches. With decades of experience providing support for our customers, we have the expertise to help you optimize your operations.

All organizations are unique and the beauty of NovusMED is in its adaptability. TripSpark is here to partner with you to solve your medical transportation concerns. For any questions, or to schedule a demo, please reach out to us.

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