Speaking at her daily coronavirus news briefing, Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Scottish Government is receiving “very strong” public health advice that further action against the virus is necessary, as she is set to announce further restrictions tomorrow.

It is “probably the most difficult decision point we have faced so far”, the First Minister said, as “figures demonstrate that we face a sharp rising rate of infection again”. The situation is particularly prevalent in the Central Belt, she added.

Notwithstanding, it’s “important to recognise that cases are rising everywhere” and levels of infection are now higher in most parts of Scotland “than we are comfortable with”, she said.

Most places in the country have cases higher than 50 per 100,000 now. For context, she added that Aberdeen went into lockdown when cases were at around 20 per 100,000.

There is also now evidence of spread from younger to older age groups, and the numbers of people being admitted to hospital and also intensive care are rising.

But for balance, she said, the situation is “not out of control” because cases were reduced so heavily in the summer and also because of Test and Protect. However, it is still of “increasing concern”.

Two weeks ago cases in Scotland were at an average of 285 per week but are now at 729, she added.

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