A Nottinghamshire-based yoga instructor specialising in Ashtanga Yoga has launched new online classes via Zoom.

A Nottingham woman has launched brand new Yoga lessons available online.

The 60-minute online class, Vinyasa Flow is designed for beginners.

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All you need is a device to log into Zoom, a yoga mat and yourself. If you are new to yoga or have always wanted to try yoga then this class is perfect for you.

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Owner of Iona Flow Siân Rowe ( pictured ) said:

‘My yoga journey started 6 years ago.

‘Why did I start yoga? The honest answer – I don’t know. I am still unsure as to why I clicked on my first YouTube yoga video, but when speaking to a yoga teacher she said that ‘Yoga comes into your life when you need it the most.’ And I couldn’t agree more.

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“After a month of practising yoga I started to feel different – I was calmer, more rational, my relationships grew stronger and I found sense of contentment.

“I started studying Yoga philosophy to understand it and the benefits of the practice.

“I’ve spent the last 5 years of practising Yoga almost every single day, whilst incorporating meditation and breath work (pranayama) and explored spirituality and what it means to me.

“I completed my training with Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa, specialising in Ashtanga Vinyasa and meditation.

“I am a 24-year-old woman from Nottingham whose passion is to help others through this magical practice.

“My aim is to bring people together from different backgrounds and create a community of acceptance and love.

Because of COVID 19 face to face classes are difficult so my group classes are currently held through ZOOM.

1:1 classes are still going ahead for the time being, Siân can travel to you or if you prefer a ZOOM session can be scheduled.

1:1 classes are tailored to you! You may be a beginner who wants to start a yoga practice but a group class just isn’t for you, or want to take your yoga practice to the next level.

You may have an injury that needs to be taken into account – whatever it is you are looking for from the practice a sequence is tailored to fit your needs.

The first online class is on Wednesday 30 September at  6:30 pm on Zoom 

To book your place email ionaflowsyoga@gmail.com or message on Instagram @ionaflowsyoga or Facebook @IonaFlows.

Visit Iona Flows website

Email: ionaflowsyoga@gmail.com
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