Streaming giant Netflix has released highly anticipated first images from the latest season of its original series The Crown (2016 to present), which follows the British royal family with Queen Elizabeth as the central character.

Season 4 will premiere on Nov 15 and cover the Princess Diana years. British newcomer Emma Corrin plays the Princess of Wales, the first wife of Prince Charles, who is next in line to ascend the throne.

Princess Diana died in 1997 in a tragic car accident soon after divorcing Prince Charles, following a scandal-filled marriage with extramarital affairs on both sides.

On Netflix’s Twitter account, Corrin, 24, can be seen sporting Princess Diana’s signature short hairstyle.

English actor Josh O’Connor (romantic comedy Emma, 2020), who has been with the series since Season 3, plays Prince Charles.

Another much talked-about new addition to the cast is Gillian Anderson as former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who is remembered by her nickname The Iron Lady.

The 52-year-old American actress – most known for her role in the science-fiction drama The X-Files (1993 to 2002) – is seen in the images released by Netflix, in a blue skirt suit with immaculately coiffed hair, the way Mrs Thatcher liked her hair to be.

Some of the cast members for Season 5 of the critically acclaimed series, which rotates its cast as the characters age, have already been announced.

Elizabeth Debicki (science-fiction thriller Tenet, 2020) will take over the reins from Corrin in the next season.

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