HOUSTON, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Mirror Beauty Boutique announced today that they are now one of ten locations in Houston exclusively selected to administer Qwo™, the only FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe cellulite in women’s buttocks. Dr. Vitenas, M.D., F.A. C. S., who earlier this year was given the distinction of a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for 2021, will be overseeing the procedure and is excited about its potential.

With the new Qwo™ injectable treatment, women can transform from an “orange peel” dimpled skin appearance to having smooth visible results over the course of 10 weeks and 3 different treatments given 21 days apart. Qwo™ is believed to work in a manner similar to Botox Cosmetic. When the non-surgical treatment is administered, fibrous bands that were previously constricted and causing the dimpled appearance are released, allowing for the redistribution of the fat cells in the area. This also is thought to stimulate new collagen growth, helping to improve the skin’s appearance over time.

“At Mirror Beauty Boutique, we are always seeking the latest and most effective treatments for our patients,” said Dr. Vitenas. “To be one of the very few practices to administer Qwo™, the only FDA-approved option to treat cellulite in women’s buttocks, is an honor and a privilege we take seriously. The treatments we administer often have a profound effect on our patients’ confidence and quality of life and we are confident that the new Qwo™ injectable treatment will yield many happy patients who are prepping for their summer vacations, beach days, honeymoons, and more.”

The Qwo™ injections are made subcutaneously into the dimpled areas on each side of the buttocks. Patients who schedule a treatment can anticipate the appointment being 10-15 minutes long, where they can get up to a dozen injections on each side of the buttocks. While considered a safe treatment, Qwo™ patients can expect to experience some common side effects including red or discolored bruised skin, sensitive skin or skin that feels firm when touched, and itchiness, swelling, or a warm feeling in the area.

To help patients learn more about the treatment and see the procedure in action, Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique has included a short video of a real patient session on their website at http://www.mirrormirrorhouston.com/qwo-cellulite-treatment.

Speaking on the safety of the treatment, Dr. Vitenas commented, “What is wonderful is that Qwo™ has been studied at length, in fact, more so than any cellulite treatment of its kind with nearly 2000 women participating in studies before the FDA approval. It is incredibly safe and very effective for women looking to achieve a smooth appearance in the buttocks area.”

To learn more about the Qwo™ treatment and to schedule a free consultation at Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique, call (281) 810-9083 or visit the website at http://www.mirrormirrorhouston.com.

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