Any in-depth conversation around Bollywood and fashion is incomplete without the mention of ace fashion couturier Manish Malhotra. 

A designer whose names is synonymous with uber-stylish looks, creations that exude glamour and glitz, and bringing about a paradigm shift in the way mainstream Bollywood heroines looked on-screen, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Manish is single-handedly responsible for changing the way fashion and costume designing was looked at and given importance in films. 

So, when we at DNA got an opportunity to speak to the ace designer on the sidelines of fashion reality show ‘Myntra Fashion Superstar’, we asked him about Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and more. The said show aired from November 1 on MTV and Voot and will see Manish on the jury’s panel, judging aspiring fashion enthusiasts to find India’s Next Big Fashion Influencer. 

In an exclusive telephonic conversation, when asked who according to him is Bollywood’s ultimate style icon and the era which he absolutely loves, Manish told DNA, “I love black and white films and my most favourite era is the 60s. However, during the lockdown, I watched a lot of V Shantaram, Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor films and I loved it.”

He added, “For me, Rekha is someone whose style has been consistent and she has owned it up. When I think about gold and Kanjeevaram sarees I think about Rekha.”




During the conversation, while revealing that he was once bashed for introducing the concept of showstoppers and front rows, trying to elaborate on why he thinks Rekha is the ultimate style icon, Malhotra said, “Costume design, styling, working on an entire look became synonymous with me. I included the elements of showstoppers, front rows, glamour and glitz in clothes and I got a lot of bashing for that. But today, people say, oh, you started it! So, what I am trying to say is when you consistently go on with something, it’s become yours, you own it. 




He continued, “With consistently continuing to do what you want to, people start knowing you through that. And, that in itself is a style statement and goes beyond a trend. Because I feel, trends don’t last, style does.”

On that note, it’ll be right to mention that while it Manish is known to have styled most B-town heroines from Madhuri Dixit Nene, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma among others to set off various fashion trends through the films he has worked on, his own collections which he showcases through fashion shows such as India Couture Week, Lakme Fashion Week, Mijwan Fashion Show, are an also a rage among fashion connoisseurs and enthusiasts. 

In fact, several Bollywood celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh have turned showstoppers for Manish. 




So, during our exclusive chat, we thought about speaking to the ace designer about his close friend who has turned muse for him on several occasions — Shah Rukh Khan.

When asked to define Shah Rukh Khan’s style, Manish told DNA, “I always tease Shah Rukh. I tell him, your body is like a youngsters body. His body, physique, and fitness have been constant. I have never seen Shah Rukh get fat. He has always remained like this. He is confidentially a fit boy.”

Manish added, “What exudes out of Shah Rukh Khan is his charming personality, his eyes draw you to him. He is so charming, bright and heart. Whatever he does is with so much energy.”

Stating that it’s Shah Rukh’s classic-ness which he likes the most, Manish said, “In terms of fashion, he looks so classic when he wears a black suit or a simple sherwani with a salwar. Though I love glamour, sexiness and gloriousness among the women, I kind of like the classic-ness among the men. So, I really love Shah Rukh’s style. Also, when you think of a black suit, you think of Shah Rukh Khan. He just wears his personality and this something so charming, unforgettable and attractive in a man.”

On being asked what gift would be like to give Shah Rukh on his birthday, which is on November 2, Manish told DNA, “I think he loves jumpers. And I think he likes the whole athleisure, more sporty look. He likes cargo pants and jumpers. In fact, he likes comfort wear. So, I would gift him a nice jumper.”

Manish has styled Shah Rukh Khan in several films including ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘My Name is Khan’ among others.

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