Bollywood actor Mallika Sherawat always stays connected with her fan army by motivating them towards fitness. She often indulges into sharing benefits of Yoga via her Instagram page and on Tuesday, October 6, the actor shared that she has kick-started this week by performing Urdhva Hastasana. While sharing the post, Mallika Sherawat wrote that the posture is an ‘upward hand stretch yoga pose’. Elaborating further, she added that it a warm-up exercise that helps in preparing the body for vigorous yoga poses.

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Mallika Sherawat introduces fans with Urdhva Hastasana

Beginning the week with urdhva Hastasana or upward hand stretch yoga pose. It’s a warm-up yoga pose & prepares the body for more intense yoga poses 

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What is Urdhva Hastasana?

According to Yogapedia, Urdhva Hastasana is one of the common standing asanas which is also a key posture in Surya Namaskara aka Sun Salutation. To perform the pose, the practitioner has to stand tall in a mountain pose also known as tadasana. However, they have to raise both their hands over the head. According to the outlet, the name Urdhva Hastasana is originated from Sanskrit wherein ‘urdhva’ means ‘upward’ and hasta means ‘hands’.

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What are the benefits of Upward Salute?

As suggested by, attaining this posture helps in stretching the sides of the body, belly, shoulders, spine and armpits. In addition to it, the pose also helps in toning the thighs, helps in relieving fatigue and anxiety and improves the digestion process in one person. Urdhva Hastasana is beneficial for chest and lungs too as it helps in creating space between chest and lungs, which acts as a therapy for congestion and asthma.

Urdhva Hastasana is a vital warm-up sequence as it properly aligns the spinal column, which indirectly protects the spinal muscles and nerves while making a motion. This asana also improves posture and helps to prepare the spine for more vigorous twists and stretches.

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