Ashira’s red jumpsuit has been receiving criticism due to the outfit supposedly being ‘sexy’. — Picture via instagram/ashiraaziz

PETALING JAYA, Dec 7 — Malaysian singer Ashira came under fire from social media for a supposedly revealing outfit worn during the semifinals of Season 7 of reality TV singing competition Gegar Vaganza (GV7).

Ashira, whose real name is Sharifah Nur Ashira Syed Abdul Aziz wore a red jumpsuit for the event last night that was designed by fashion designer Jimmy and was inspired by an outfit donned by singer Gwen Stefani

“The jumpsuit requested by Ashira and was inspired by American singer Gwen Stefani during one of Gwen’s previous performances.

“For Ashira’s past performances, I decide on the styles and ideas on her outfit, except for the semi-final performance.

“I wanted to give her liberty to choose what she wanted to wear to boost her self-esteem for her performance,” he told Mstar.

The fashion designer admitted that at times, singers are bound to be inspired by their idols and their costumes and said that Ashira’s costume was inspired by Gwen’s outfit and style.

Jimmy, who owns JimmyCouture however denied that the outfit was revealing or looked ‘sexy’.

“As someone who has designed outfits for Gegar Vaganza’s contestants, I am familiar with the kind of requirements of outfits that are appropriate or not,” said Jimmy who has had 15 years of experience in the fashion industry,” he said,

Meanwhile, the Di Ombak Resah singer told Mstar that she would be careful in deciding her outfits for her future performances.

“Honestly, my clothes are not revealing. But on a positive note, thank you all for flooding my profile with the comments as I’m now wary of what to wear next,” she said.

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