Explaining the idea behind the Master Metallics palette to Allure,  Dedivanovic said, “Each one of these colours is [named] after something inside of our bodies… You just can’t get more universal than [the] colours Mother Nature’s made within us. Every shade [in the palette] looks beautiful on every skin colour.”

And when it came to the  Master Eyes Prep & Set , Dedivanovic is said to have surveyed a range of complexions and base makeup to create a range of true universal neutrals. The palette delivers a subtle, blendable wash of colour, catering to even the deepest of skin tones. . 

Dedivanovic  purposely turned down the opacity of the shadows too, making the argument that he didn’t “want to put something that’s so extremely pigmented on my eye that I have to work to remove and blend. When you apply [these shadows], it blends at the same time. You don’t have to worry about putting too much on the brush because they’re not hyperpigmented.”

The other super exciting release in the range that’s got us swooning a little bit, is the Master Secret Glow – a non-sticky, transparent balm-style illuminator that mimics the lowkey natural lit-from-within-glow that Dedivanovic previously used  Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to achieve. Unlike the cult-favourite Eight Hour Cream, Dedivanovic’s balm  is designed to be worn on top of makeup, so not only will it stay put all day, it won’t disrupt your base makeup either. “When you come home, it’s still there where you [first] put it,” Dedivanovic explained. “It grips to that area and doesn’t move.”

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