Given that Lipslut launched on the eve of Donald Trump‘s inauguration in 2017, we had no doubt that the brand — now just three years old — had something big in store for this year. With the 2020 presidential election less than a month away, Lipslut is expanding its F*ck Trump collection with three new shades inspired by some of the President’s infamous catchphrases from the last four years.

The three new shades in Lipslut’s F*ck Trump collection include “Covfefe,” a dark violet hue, “Fake News”,” a cool, dark fuchsia colour, and “Locker Room Talk,” a bright, classic red. These new colours will join the original rosy-pink matte liquid lipstick that started it all to make a full line. As if owning a bold lippie with an ironic name like “Fake News” wasn’t enticing enough to click the add to cart button, 50 percent of the earnings for every F*ck Trump lipstick sold goes to civil-rights organisations targeted by the Trump administration.

“With everything I’ve learned over the past few years, I’m making it my mission to turn Lipslut into the beauty brand our community deserves,” founder Katie Sones told POPSUGAR.

For some context, the politically charged brand was launched out of Sones’s dorm room and has since made a name for itself for using lipstick sales to fight Trump’s border policy, donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement, and raise money for reproductive rights.

Shop for all three new lipstick shades ahead.

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