In London, Burberry also jumped on the bandwagon of getting its design team to model the resort collection outside their London abode. The effect was fresh and appealing, emanating warmth and community. While Chanel retreated to YouTube to broadcast its resort collection, Dior bravely made its way to Piazza del Duomo in Lecce, Puglia, to stage its cruise show, which was made more personal by the fact that Maria Grazia Chiuri’s father hails from the region. Again, Chiuri shone the spotlight on the region’s crafts and craftspeople featured in the collection in her mission to celebrate these local creative wares traditionally made by women.

Delivering virtual experience after virtual experience, global fashion’s tour de force pushed ahead with novel ways to communicate and deliver in a new normality within a rapidly reconfigured world. The digital space and its communication tools and platforms are definitely here to stay and it’s a matter of time before brands and their followers get acclimatised to the eclectic ways in which fashion can be presented, besides straight up and down a runway or a frolic and dance in front of the camera.

Using the myriad of platforms to broadcast fashion through formats such as podcast, documentary, conceptual video, short film, illustration, animation, CGI, performance art and others, we can definitely expect creativity to flourish, along with the power to inspire, empower and attract.

What the last few months has shown is a hopeful glimpse of a fashion world that has the capacity to change—to reset and regenerate—for the better, even in the midst of great challenges, yielding results that breathe new life and give birth to a new moment that is perhaps more kind, inclusive and sustainable without losing all of its magic and wonderment. Jonathan Anderson captured it succinctly with the printed cards found in his “show in a box”, two of which read, “The future is unwritten,” followed by “The end is the beginning.” Indeed.

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