Starting Wednesday, Sept. 30 and running until the end of November, more than a dozen Montreal artists working in different mediums will have their work prominently displayed throughout Les Cours Mont-Royal, the shopping gallery located at 1455 Peel St. between Ste-Catherine and De Maisonneuve.

Les Cours…. en ART, an exhibition best described as one that fuses fashion display and fine art, was created by Les Cours Mont-Royal’s director of visual presentation, Andrew Valentine, and vice president of marketing, Valerie Law. The idea grew out of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected everyone, including the city’s usually vibrant arts community as festivals, exhibits and shows were, for the most part, put on hiatus.

“We are doing this to support local artists,” said Valerie Law in a recent telephone interview. “After the mall reopened, my team and I were brainstorming and decided that we wanted to showcase some artists within the shopping centre. Ideally, to bring their creativity to us.”

Les Cours Mont-Royal — home to a number of flagship retailers, including DKNY, Maison 1455, Matinique, InWear, Desigual and Boutique Monroe — also features a world-class spa and hair salon, and a winding staircase leading to a fashion runway, scene to fashion shows and special events taking place under an iconic crystal chandelier.

Some of the art will be displayed on Level 2 and 3 showcases while other pieces will have street level exposure in some of the large window displays on Peel St. and De Maisonneuve Blvd.

“Andrew Valentine, who is in charge of all the visual displays, will give his special touch blending the fashion and art in all our windows setups,” Law explained, adding, “We are recreating the way ordinary window displays are usually presented. We wanted to change the landscape to be brighter and bolder and also to support all the artists that were coming aboard with us.” At last count, about 14 local artists are taking part, including Marie Josée Bergeron, Pat Cantin, Yunus Chkirate, Erick Contreras, Daniel Diaz, Ludovica Gauthier, Michele Gerow, Véronique Grauby, Gerardo Labraca, Cesar Ochoa, Mimi Vézina, André Pelletier and Carlos Zauny.

“When you go, you will not just see a mannequin in front of you, you will also see sculptures and huge oil paintings,” said Law. “And the colour schemes of the collections will match the art that was created.”

In using this nonprofit gesture to give support to the art community, Les Cours Mont-Royal not only wanted to provide a platform for the artist to reach the public, but also hoped to create a trend where the city’s various industries and companies could collaborate with each other in other imaginative ways.

“This is our first edition and for sure we will have a second,” said Law. “I don’t have the dates yet but people can visit our website or follow us on our Facebook page. It might be as soon as Christmas time or early next spring.”

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