Katherine Schwarzenegger has “hard days” as a mother.

The 30-year-old actress welcomed daughter Lyla with husband Chris Pratt in August and opened up about the challenges of motherhood in a candid chat with Brie and Nikki Bella on Instagram Live.

Katherine said: “You definitely have days where it’s harder some days than other days, then you have things of feeling bad with a partner, or wanting to make everything good again.

“It’s really hard.”

Nikki revealed that she is currently “dealing” with postpartum depression after giving birth to son Matteo in July and revealed she struggled when fiance Artem Chigvintsev left to film the latest series of ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

The former wrestler recalled: “I was like oh my gosh I can’t do this on my own, why did I say I could do this on my own, but now I need to be supportive and just keep my mouth shut and not be negative.”

Nikki, 36 admitted that she thought she was going “crazy” as a result of her thoughts and feelings.

The ‘Total Bellas’ star said: “This wasn’t just me being sleep deprived. I knew it was more because of just feelings I couldn’t control.”

Nikki’s sister Brie opened up about how she missed the life she had prior to motherhood after giving birth to daughter Birdie in 2017.

She explained: “I think with Birdie – and maybe it was with being a new mom – I think what happened is you get this FOMO of the old you – who you were before your pregnancy, who you were before your child came into your life.

“I’d be sitting there breast feeding or just over tired, thinking like am I ever going to be that person again? Does that life come back? I miss that life.”

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