The director of the Korean Language Research Institute calls Jungkook ‘The world’s beauty center’ for helping to redefine hegemonic beauty standards.

The director of the Korean Language Research Institute mentions how Jungkook is one of the people who helps to redefine hegemonic / westernized beauty standards.

“Jungkook is replacing the beauty of James Dean”, in an article about K-Wave and how BTS are the most popular singers of our time.

“BTS is now the most popular group in the world. The handsome men and women of Korea are at the center of the world’s beauty. Jungkook is replacing the beauty of James Dean, “said Lim Sung-Soon, director of the Hangul Institute.

Actor James Dean was known to be a definite style icon of the 1950s who had a lasting influence on modern fashion, becoming a fashionable template for people for his refreshing and unique style.

Jungkook is the new beauty standard of the world?

Jungkook has been praised by many for her unique fashion style that always ends up becoming a trend. Jungkook is known to wear unisex style and genderless fashion. His fashion has caught the attention of all genders.

Jungkook stands out as a K-Pop idol influencing young people’s fashion. He made military boots fashionable that even Korean girls combine with midi dresses. “The great style is: wear what you want, regardless of gender,” said the Golden Maknae.

Men have tried Jungkook’s legendary long hairstyle, becoming a fashion trend to this day, considered one of K-pop’s biggest fashion impacts.

Jungkook has proven to be a “current generation trendsetter” by making modern hanbok go viral among teenagers.

The official of Jungkook’s modern hanbok brand says: “Before, young people were reluctant to wear a modern hanbok. But after Jungkook wore it, the clothes became modern. ”

The world’s leading fashion magazines Allure and Glamor UK chose Jungkook’s long hair as one of the highlights of 2019 in their annual fashion report.

Previously, The Independent said that Alexander McQueen’s slippery boots are one of the most popular products of the year, after being seen on BTS Jungkook, as a result, searches for the unisex style grew by 43 percent in May alone.

Fashion icon Jungkook proves to have an extraordinary sense of style, which is redefining beauty standards. Do you like Kookie’s style? Do you think BTS idols could be the new standards of male beauty?

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