It’s no secret that we’re a little TikTok obsessed here at Who What Wear, but aside from the trending dances and POV skits (Dracotok, anyone?), I’ve found myself deep in the fashion scene of the app, where everyone is as cool as I one daydream to be. The kinds of girls I’m talking about are the ones who embrace trends, aren’t afraid of colours and crazy prints, and get dressed each day with major main character energy.

Besides donning It brands like House of Sunny, these fashion TikTokers are constantly showcasing their latest thrifted purchases and the trendy pieces they DIY’d from the comfort of their bedrooms. The app has single-handedly revived my excitement when it comes to the contents of my wardrobe—something that’s dropped quite a bit since March. 

Curious to see if any of these cool TikTok girls that I’ve been low-key obsessing over felt the same way, I reached out to a few to get their thoughts on the matter. Andie Johnston (follow her if you enjoy fashion videos with a pop-culture twist) told me that, “as someone who suddenly became a 100% WFH employee, TikTok forced me to see my clothes as something that made me feel good and also gave me a creative outlet. I no longer was sitting around in sweatpants all day working, but instead was getting dressed in the mornings, which to be completely honest, was a game-changer for my regular workday productivity, inspiration, and personal self-esteem.” Oddly enough, hearing that others were feeling the same way as I was reassuring. The good news is, she, along with a handful of the other fashion TikTokers I spoke to gave me a list of autumn 2020 trends that they are turning to get themselves out of this temporary fashion slump. 

Wondering what they had to say? Scroll below to read everything they’ll be wearing from all-over-leather to chunky platform boots. Even if you don’t consider yourself a TikToker, don’t fret—these will look good on and off the screen, we promise. 

Everything Leather

“There’s something about wearing a leather jacket or pants that just makes you feel like the coolest person ever. The most worn leather piece I have right now is my thrifted, oversize leather blazer. It adds an edgy, masculine vibe to any outfit that I absolutely love.”—Sarah Mtimet 

“I’m completely obsessed with leather jackets and blazers. It instantly makes you feel and look edgy and rough in the best way possible”—Maha Gondal

Zara Faux Leather Oversized Blazer Trf (£50)

H&M Imitation Leather Trousers (£20)

Nanushka Blaine Pleated Vegan Leather Shirt (£515)

Platform Boots

“I love this trend because similarly to leather, platform boots can make any outfit look put together. I take so much inspiration from the looks that other bloggers have put together featuring boots like this and try to formulate my own outfits. I love that platforms can quickly add an effortlessly cool vibe to any and all looks. Girly dress? Platform boots. Extra-long denim? Platform boots. Smart trousers? Platform boots. You’ll notice my favourite pair of ASOS platform boots show up pretty regularly in my TikToks.”—Andie 

“Platform boots are a fall essential for me. Stomping around in my Jadon boots from Dr. Marten just gives me an unexplainable surge of confidence. Platform boots add a dramatic effect to outfits that instantly step up the whole look.”—Sarah  

Eytys Ortega Chelsea Boots (£390)

Dr. Martens Modern Classics Smooth 1460 8-Eye Boots (£149)

ASOS Design Attitude 2 Lace Up Chunky Boots (£30)

Bright Colorways

“I used to be one of those people with an entirely black-and-white wardrobe until recently. I love this trend because it allows you to reuse a lot of your colourful summer items again in the winter by repurposing them. I’ve paired rainbow silk tank tops over turtlenecks and vibrant lighter blazers with knit sweaters as a means to participate in this trend. I am a total newbie to colour, so I am still trying to get better at putting together looks but I am definitely learning and hoping to see more come up in the winter collections!”—Andie 

Reformation Strada Smocked Polka-Dot Crepe Top (£106)

Lisa Says Gah Mesh Sophie Long Sleeve Top ($92)

& Other Stories Textured Ruffle Collar Puff Sleeve Top (£55)

Oversize Blazers

“I love that there’s always tons of layering involved with this trend. One way I like to wear it is to create contrast in an outfit by wearing a dainty dress with a bold, oversized blazer.”—Sarah 

H&M Oversized Blazer (£35)

Frankie Shop Pernille Oversized Woven Blazer (£230)

Tibi Finn Checked Twill Blazer (£710)

Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Chunky vintage rings have always been my go-to. My love for them comes from my parents. My family rings are something that we really cherish and love. Most of the rings that I own are hand-me-downs from generations that my parents have given me. They’re ways for me to express myself and are part of my identity. I love pairing gold rings with lighter tones of clothing and love paring silver rings with darker tone clothing. Without rings, my fingers feel naked.”—Kadi Sow  

Oma the Label The Baba Ring (£60)

& Other Stories Chunky Organic Signet Ring (£23)

Maximal Prints

“Maximal prints are super popular this autumn, and I’m so into it. One way I’ve seen it is as patchwork tops or pants. I like that this is such an exciting and polar-opposite look from the minimal style that I have been seeing for so long.”—Sarah   

Paloma Wool Balance Heel (£157)

Kai Collective Gaia Top (£80)


“Someone recently said to me, ‘Men are out, but menswear is in,’ and I just thought that was funny. I love that there’s always tons of layering involved with this trend. I love the look of layering a sweater vest over a white button-up.”—Sarah

This autumn, I’m finding myself really into vests, and I just can’t stop buying them.”—Maha 

Alessandra Rich Embroidered Pointelle-Knit Alpaca-Blend Vest (£435)

Mango Houndstooth Gilet (£50)

Mcq Appliquéd Checked Linen-Blend Tank (£255)

Nineties Denim

“I am nearly 6 feet tall, so finding trousers that fit is something that I have always struggled with, especially ones that are budget-friendly. I am a major consignment shopper and sale queen and yet I can’t think of a single time that I have ever found jeans that fit me. So I’m not sure who decided that the skater look was going to be cool again, but I would like to thank them for that because that brought back in extra-long denim. This may not be a trend I am actually participating in because extra long denim is just normal length on my body, but I am still excited, to say the least. The ’90s Zara jeans are everything I’ve ever dreamed of for a pair of trousers and I hope this style never goes away!”—Andie  

Zara ’90s Full Length Jeans (£16)

Re/Done Originals 90s High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans (£258)

This piece was originally published on Who What Wear U.S.

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This article originally appeared on Who What Wear

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