Holi 2021: Get ready to enjoy festival of colors with pre-to-post simple skin care guide

The festival of color Holi is just round the corner. The festival brings with it lots of excitement and fun. People have already started their preparations to celebrate the festival to the fullest. Although the celebrations will be quite different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, because of the increasing number of Covid cases, restrictions have been imposed and people are not allowed to take part in the public gathering but they can enjoy the festivities at home with their family.

So as you gear up for the festival, ensure that the celebrations don’t make your skin feel awful. The application of varied colours during Holi – dry, wet, or greasy – can damage your skin. So what really can you do here? Follow some simple skin care tips and tricks!

Pre-Holi Skincare Tips and tricks:

1. Before you kickstart your festivities, it is crucial to prepare your skin so that the colours and skin do minimum damage to your skin as they are filled with chemicals. The easiest way is to apply either almond, coconut or olive oil on the body as well as the face. These oils will act as a protective layer between your skin and the colours. Not only this, by doing the job of cleaning the colour post-Holi will become easy.

2. The colours can also leave your lips chapped and dry and to prevent that the only option is applying a lot of lip balm.

3. Try to wear full sleeve clothes to avoid exposure to colours.

4. After you are done with the fun and fervour, do not rush to wash off the colours.

Post-Holi Skincare Tips and tricks:

1. Use a damp cotton cloth to gently rub and remove colours first and then prefer to bath. We recommend you use herbal soaps and shower gels to eliminate impurities naturally. You can also opt for home remedies such as a mix of besan, curd, turmeric, and honey to clean your body and face.

2. Exfoliation becomes important to remove the chemical-based colour absorbed in the skin. Use a coffee-based de-tan scrub to do the same that will help you restore your original skin tone.

3. Lock the lost moisture from your skin by using a moisturiser. Use it generously to get rid of roughness and make sure your skin stays glowing. You can also use natural face masks. 

Have a happy and safe Holi!



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