“We can provide patients with the care they need, doctors with the reimbursement that they need, and just make sure that that process is as simplified as possible, while still providing the best care is my priority,” said Hinson, a two-term state lawmaker and former television news anchor.

As a mother of two, she said she knows the twin challenges of access and affordability of child care.

“I’ve been there,” Hinson said about the “strain that the expense of child care can put on your family budget.”

In the Iowa Legislature, she supported expanding child care tax credits and a measure to help families avoid the child care “cliff” — when a minor increase in household income can cause the total loss of child care subsidy, making child care unaffordable.

“Nobody should be turning down a raise because they’re concerned about losing child care,” Hinson said.

Unfortunately, she added, the measure was not acted upon during the session, which was abbreviated because of COVID-19. “We want to try to make sure that more people could work more and not have to worry about their benefits dropping off.”

Another top priority would be extending small-business tax credits that are due to expire in 2025.

“I’m saying I want to run on rebuilding our economy, (so) let’s give those small businesses the certainty that they need,” Hinson said. “Let’s make sure that they have the long-term certainty that they need.”

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