Health~Holland Visitors Programme this year was hosted virtually from 10 to 12 November by Task Force Health Care Netherlands. The three-day virtual event also featured World of Health Care Day, where 141 delegates from 27 countries, including 16 from Indonesia, and 168 experts and innovators from the Netherlands participated in an interactive, game-like platform. 

Health~Holland Visitors Programme 2020 was organized by Task Force Health Care Netherlands, inviting worldwide decision makers in healthcare to meet fellow professionals from the Netherlands and other countries. Organized in conjunction to the World of Health Care Day, the event provided opportunities for participants, health experts, innovators and stakeholders from more than 20 countries to virtually meet and share experiences. During the virtual event, participants explored global healthcare developments, including challenges and solutions. In the midst of the pandemic, speakers and experts highlighted one common theme throughout the sessions, that is the need for adaptability and innovation. Secretary General of the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Erik Gerritsen, noted on the increasing importance and role of digital healthcare, that must be embraced by all stakeholders. “Government alone is not enough, the whole ecosystem should be involved to bring healthcare from the waiting room to the living room.” 

In addition to the insightful sessions with experts on various topics, participants highly recommended on the organization of the event. The virtual environment of the event provided a very interactive experience through separate plenary sessions, breakout rooms, networking tables, matchmaking cubicle, and sponsors booths. 

Prior to the pandemic, Health~Holland Visitors Programme was organized annually in the Netherlands, where Indonesian health experts and stakeholders actively took part. The programme contributes to strengthening collaboration between the Netherlands and Indonesia in the field of Life Sciences and Health. For more information on the programme, please visit  

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