HE is Emanuela Holder, a German fashion designer based in Berlin, who, unlike many fashion designers in the field, has followed an unconventional academic and professional trajectory. Her Business and Anthropology background has cultivated, nurtured, and strongly influenced the creative path into fashion design over many years. HE was established in December 2019 and designs mainly for women (though limited pieces for men are also available). Our main incentive is to strive for an inclusive, respectful, and sustainable approach during the entire cycle of design, development, and production.

HE creates and manufactures dresses, t-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, cardigans and coats using high-end dark and silver fabrics. Most of them are natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or wool, locally sourced from Germany and EU and often part of available dead-stock. HE is very keen on supporting and promoting high sustainability standards. Each piece of garment is available in only few, common sizes, and only in low quantities. Customization, as well as free repairs during the first six months of purchase, are intrinsic attributes that also define the slow avant-garde fashion brand.

HE aims at maintaining in-house, handcrafted, production. The small quantities that are on stock mean that each garment is endowed with singular quality and character. Upscaling the manufacturing process is not part of the agenda of HE.

HE stands for original slow fashion inspired by the avant-garde, as well as a sustainable lifestyle. The interaction of each piece of garment with our unique bodies, and the storytelling that unfolds from this encounter, has been the main focus and motivation for the vocational shift from research to practice; from passion to profession. HE aims to raise more awareness for the expressive power our bodies carry through the garment that we consciously or unconsciously choose to wear on a daily basis. The wearer is encouraged to select pieces of garment that not only fulfill a pragmatic function, but instill confidence, support individuality and make a statement in a designated environment. The color black dominates most HE collections, as in most situations it is the right one to wear. Simultaneously inclusive and exclusive, casual and chic, black is extremely versatile and rich in nuance. Asymmetric shapes in combination with various high-end fabrics invite the wearer to play with style and movement, while discovering new ways of expression and being.

Despite fashion having an intrinsically exclusive character, HE aspires to design pieces that are not intimidated by societal and cultural boundaries, while maintaining a timeless character of elegance.

Read more about HE on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/he

Photo credits: HE/Steffen Junghanß

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