For someone to withstand the fashion industry’s test of time is certainly a testament to their shrewd business acumen as well as iconic designs — more so in Indonesia, where influences can come from every corner.
Just ask designer Ghea Panggabean, who just celebrated 40 years in the Indonesian fashion scene with the launch of a book chronicling her journey over the years.
The 320-page book, which retails for slightly over Rp 1.5 million (US$108.64), is a two-year project in the making, published by the New York-based publisher Rizzoli.
Titled Asian Bohemian Chic – Indonesian Heritage Becomes Fashion, the book encompasses all of Ghea’s collections over the course of four decades, from her very first lurik creation to the jumputan batik she is well-known for.
The book’s title is a nod to Ghea’s signature style: breezy…

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