Geri Horner has credited water skiing for helping her re-discover her inner strength.

The Spice Girls star admits there was a time after she gave birth to her son Monty, where she felt she didn’t have the physical strength to take up the sport again, but she soon realised it was more about her inner strength and she is now championing others to not be “afraid” of trying.

Speaking on a new video uploaded to her YouTube channel as part of her Rainbow Woman series, she said: “There was a moment in my life when I got dumped and it was horrible, so I took up loads of hobbies and one of them was mono-skiing.

“I started to get good at it and then years later, when I had Monty, I tried to do it again but I couldn’t get up. I think when you have a baby, you lose your tummy strength and this is what it’s about – your inner strength. It doesn’t matter how old you are. There’s still breadth in your life to experience and be vibrant. Don’t be afraid to try again.”

Geri previously admitted that motherhood has changed her outlook on life.

The chart-topping star said: “My children have given me so much joy. But they have challenged me as well, having a 14-year-old daughter … I can’t even say in case she kills me. I’m very mindful that the teenage years are a period where support and sensitivity is needed.”

Geri feels that raising a young boy has proven to be a completely different challenge.

Speaking about her son Monty, she added: “He’s delicious and funny and extremely high-energy, so the physicality of that has been very different to bringing up a girl.”

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